Sculpture Mapping installed at Ay Güey, Mexico City.
XICO Mexican mascot by Cristina Pineda.
BLUE LABS - Creative Studio developed this project for the Mexican brand "Ay Guëy", seeking to promote "XICO", the mexican mascot designed by Cristina Pineda.
My role in this project included:
Digital Sculpture Modeling, Motion Graphics Design, Video Mapping
"From designing a digital sculpture to the physical construction of a large-scale piece, we developed this video mapping project with animated graphics taking advantage of the Crystal Ads platform."
XICO(c) and Ay Güey(c) are registered trademarks. All rights reserved. 2015.
A project by Blue Labs - Creative Studio (
Creative Direction: Axel Ruiz
Project Manager: Dante Durán
Digital Art Director: Jesús Pérez Irigoyen
Graphics Design: Coordination: Angel Galicia

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